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Completed 2007 - 2011

Located at rear of RMIT Building 49

Access from Stewart St. Melbourne

HOURS: monday to friday 9-6

‘The DrawingSpace Melbourne’ activated dormant spaces through the drawing process in all its forms. It was a Metasenta Project supported by the Design Institute, RMIT. The Activating Dormant Spaces project had funding both through Metasenta and the Design Institute. It operated between 2007 and 2011.


As a mobile drawing space, The DrawingSpace Melbourne was dedicated to the dialogue of ideas within contemporary art through the entrance of drawing.


The DrawingSpace Melbourne exhibitied International and Australian artists in a program which saw at least six exhibitions each year. The actualising of these exhibitions followed Sol Lewitt's implimentation of ideas through groups of students/young artists/mature team. Over 80 drawing students were involved in creating these exhibitions over the life time of the project. 


Philosophy / Vision


The DrawingSpace, Melbourne adheres philosophically to the under-girding premise of The Drawing Room, London, which “explores ideas around contemporary drawing and makes them visible in the public domain. As the only public gallery in the UK, and indeed Europe, dedicated to the investigation and support of contemporary drawing practice, The Drawing Room provides a unique resource for the promotion of drawing: its theory, practice and methodology”.


Drawing Room London:


2008 - 2010

Tony Trehy

Stephen Farthing

A Drawing Lesson

August 19 - October 1 2009

Anita Taylor

Drawn Encounters: translation and interpretation 

June 1 - August 10 2009

Nerma Cridge


March 26 - May 13 2010

Godwin Bradbeer


October - December 2008

Metasenta Team 2010

February - April 2010


Irene Barberis, Sarah Duyshart, Louise Lee, Andre Liew, Hugh Makin (Audio), Keith Winter

Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen
Life is Over
Julia Townsend & Marcelo Lima

"Subject / Definitions"

Hetty Baiz
This Very Body: The Zen Art of Hetty Baiz
Irene Barberis

Apocalypse: The Writing on the Wall

October 25 - December 18

Keith Winter

Keith Winter

March 2009

Andre Liew

December 08 - January 09

Karen Forbes


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