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“Rotating City”


Working from an image of a tower, Karen Forbes co-designed with Tony Kettle – RMJM, The Moscow City Palace. The drawings at The DrawingSpace Melbourne link the viewer back to a real relationship with the city.


Between the physical action of ascending the stairs, linking one drawing to the other, the ground to the top, the audience participates in re-orienting to the streets of Melbourne outside. The image is transformed from an Autocad format back to a hand drawn line, exploring some of the tensions that exist between different modes of visual representation.


This drawing has been installed under direction from Forbes, by students of the Drawing major, BA program at RMIT.


Karen Forbes is Head of School and Reader in Art at Edinburgh college of Art. She is also in MetaSenta’s Chicago Project.


Karen Forbes’ trip to Melbourne was sponsored by the RMIT Design Research Institute, Intervention through Art.



Contributing Rmit Drawing Students


Rebecca Bladen

Sarah Duyshart 

Alice Parker


Karen Forbes

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