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Dr. Po Chung

'The Po and Helen Chung Foundation'

Mr. Chung Po-Yang, OBE, JP



Mr. Po Chung is the Founding Benefactor of ‘Metasenta’, International Research Centre.


Po launched the Good Life Initiative and teaches at the University of Hong Kong. He holds a master’s degree from RMIT in Australia, and is an OBE and a recipient of a Silver Bauhinia Star. Married to Helen, he is the father of three daughters. (1)



Chung Po-yang (Alias Po Chung) co-founder and chairman emeritus of DHL International (Hong Kong) Ltd. was born in Macao, 1943. He matriculated from St. Stephen's College, Hong Kong in 1963.


In the United States he attended University of Seven Seas, the original floating university (Oceanography), Whittier College (Zoology) and obtained his B.Sc. from California State University at Humboldt in Fisheries Management in 1968.


Upon returning to Hong Kong he worked with Topper Toys (H.K.) Ltd. as Operations Manager for two years.


In 1972 he co-founded DHL International Limited the Hong Kong base company that together with DHL Airways Inc. of California, which owns and operates the U.S. territories, operates the DHL Worldwide Network. (2) He remained as Chairman until 2001, following the acquisition of DHL by Deutsche Post World Net in 2000. (3)


Po and his partner, Dr. Saimond Ip, taught Entrepreneurship at the University of Hong Kong from 2005 to 2011.


In 2006, he set up the General Education Initiative, funded by Po & Helen Chung Foundation, to advocate Liberal Arts Education in 8 universities in Hong Kong.


Over the years, Mr Chung has been tireless in his community service activities, especially in the areas of arts and culture; management and general education; philanthropy and social entrepreneurship; promoting Hong Kong; and creativity and innovation. (4)


In 2012, Po founded The Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership & Management (HKI-SLAM). He believes the current subject of passing the business from the First Generation to the Second Generation is a Service to the family and the society. Without moral authority a leader is crippled, Po and his partners at HKI-SLAM are specialists in the moral aspect of leadership. (5)


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