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Metasenta® Pty Ltd is a vital, compact arts research hub, which functions internationally between Universities and the wider Arts and Business Communities. It does this by linking, networking and initiating high quality and influential international art research projects, which have high impact outcomes, in an interdisciplinary context.


Metasenta® has its headquarters in North Melbourne at Gallery Langford 120 and is associated with many national, international organisations.



Dr Irene Barberis, Metasenta’s Director based the operating structure on her own international studio practice. Spontaneity is integral to artistic practice. Although much art process is reflective and laboured, spontaneity allows for creative leaps of idea and result. The great American artist Sol LeWitt, who coined the phrase “conceptual art”, said, “artists are mystics rather than rationalists, they leap to conclusions logic cannot reach. Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Both these statements speak of the creative leap – most often within the sphere of spontaneity. MetaSenta Projects has the ability to move quickly and to take the opportunities as they present.


Within the conventional paradigms, much research is undertaken through the very rigorous but unwieldy Research Centres attached to Universities. While these cater for the large and strongly institutionally financed projects, it is very difficult to initiate, house, and fulfill spontaneous international arts research.

MetaSenta Projects – this virtual networking, facilitation house, however, does this extremely well. 



Metasenta has a strong and constantly developing network of collaborators throughout the world that can create opportunities for diverse projects and initiate project growth. This can happen both in the University world and in the wider context of global community.


The shifts in perspective of a now ‘global’ reality have highlighted the need and the awareness that diverse and fast intercultural interactions are necessary for human understanding, and this needs to be done in an economical and cost effective way.


Metasenta has taken this change in the nature of research need and capacity, and has created a strategy whereby many interlinking and diverse projects can happen spontaneously and inexpensively.



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