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Mariam Haji 2006-2010

Dr Irene Barberis - 2010-2018

Born and raised in the Kingdom Of Bahrain 1985. Graduated from Dundee college in 2003 and RMIT Fine Art (Drawing) 2008

In my art I question our preconceptions of human normality by considering images of physical abjection and vulnerability. I consider this by addressing ‘normal’ societies’ reaction towards not only bodily disfigurement, but also by addressing feminist issues through abjection where “Woman” was the first abject of “ Man” as she came out of his Rib and how this abject has transformed modern culture.

These Thematic ideas within my work have particular currency within a contemporary currency where ‘non - disfigured’ normal identities are preyed upon as objects of bodily perfection through plastic surgery.

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