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Metasenta was invited by Clementine Deliss to participate in the Think Tank


In collaboration with documenta 12 magazines


“Documenta is regarded as the most important exhibition of contemporary art, drawing attention from all over the world ( For the next edition in Kassel, June 2007, a special project entitled Documenta 12 magazines, directed by George Schoellhammer, offers a platform through journals worldwide for the transfer and discursive consolidation of specialized knowledge. Metronome, edited by Clementine Deliss, is an official participant in Documenta 12 magazines ( Together with colleagues in Tokyo, Metronome presents an exceptional private Think-Tank hosted by the Mori Art Museum and held at Academy Hills, Mori Art Center.


Metronome Think Tank Tokyo invites international artists, architects, designers, publishers, scientists, sociologists and educators to discuss questions of ‘mobility’. Firstly, mobility (impermanence and variability) within new types of institutional structure that connect art and education; and secondly, mobility in the movement of ideas, transported by artists and art practice that will affect the future definitions of faculties of knowledge.” Dr. Clementine Deliss


Supported by Academy Hills, Tokyo; Edinburgh College of Art; The University of Edinburgh - School of Fine Art, University of Dundee; Scottish Arts Council; RMIT School of Art, Cultures France; Sun Chlorella


The Metronome Think-Tank Tokyo was attended by 125 international participants. RMIT School of Art was represented by Professor Elizabeth Grierson, Dr. Irene Barberis, Nigel Brown, Master of Fine Art student, along with Doctoral student Michelle Mantsio from the Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts. Professor Richard Dunn of the Sydney College of the Arts moderated one of the panels, which discussed differences in concepts of research; Dr. Elizabeth Grierson participated in this panel. Many positive outcomes emanated from this think tank, some of which are outlined within Metasenta Projects. Guests attending included: Dr David Elliott, Director of the Mori Gallery, Tokyo; Fumio Nanjo, Deputy Director of the Mori Gallery and Curator of the Singapore Biennale; Ruth Noack, Curator of Documenta 12; George Schoellhammer, Documenta 12 Magazines; Ian Howard Principal, Edinburgh College of the Arts; Future Academy participants from ECA; Karen Forbes Visser, Head of ECA, School of Painting and Drawing; Tracy Mackenna, Head of School of Art, University of Dundee; Thomas Boutoux, Publisher Metronome Press; Hu Fang, Artistic Director of Vitamin Creative Space, Vienna/Guangzhou; Yuko Hasegawa, Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo; Roger Mcdonald, Deputy Director of, Art Initiative Tokyo, and Deputy Curator, Singapore Biennale; Tony Trehy, poet – Curator, Manchester and Oscar Tuazon, Artist, USA, Future Academy.


Many exciting international projects were discussed during the Tokyo Think-Tank for the coming year with potential MetaSenta pathways being established through the satellite in Melbourne - ‘The Chicago Project’ being a direct result.


Archived text and images from original Metasenta website (2008 – 2012)

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