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Archived text and images from original Metasenta website (2008 – 2012)



Shed E @ Howard Smith Wharves 


Across the Gulf is a major exhibition of works by

twenty two Emirate artists from Bahrain, Abu Dhabi

and Dubai, initiated and developed by Metasenta

Projects, RMIT University.


This exhibition is striking in comparison to other

recent Middle East exhibitions around the world in

two major ways:


1) it presents a showcase of emerging and

established artists who are all practicing from within

their culture, rather than building their practice in the west


2) the presentation of the work is in contrast to shows of Middle Eastern art in the contemporary museum’s neutral space which serve to heighten not only a distanced and reflective western viewpoint of the nature and representation of art, but also emphasizes the works as objects of possession.


These artists are making contemporary art in the face of a cultural landscape that is undergoing intensive and unparalleled change.


Across the Gulf will primarily showcase an array of photographic, multimedia, screen and digital works in a non-traditional gallery space. By fracturing the space and presenting images from all angles, audiences will be made aware of their own physicality within the labyrinth of images and changing dynamic of the exhibition. This type of fracturing, or disorientation is also deeply embedded in many works that emerge from those places where cultures and aesthetics collide.


Shed E – Howard Smith Wharves

Petrie Bight under the Story Bridge on Valley side of river – on Bikeway


For more information
Telephone (07) 3215 0850


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