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Founding Director - Dr. Irene Barberis


Founding Benefactor - Dr. Po Chung 'The Po & Helen Chung Foundation'


Initial Universities: RMIT University, Australia and University of the Arts London, UK



2008 onwards


Manager - Andre Liew


Research & Media Assistant - Sarah Duyshart


Film - Dr. Shaun Wilson


Projects Hong Kong/ Asia - Louise Lee


Projects Ireland/ UK - Keith Winter


Projects Middle East - Mariam Haji



Global Centre for Drawing


Artistic Director: Dr Irene Barberis


Business Manager: Angela Torcaseo


Research Assistant: Sarah Duyshart


Designer/Media Manager: Heidi Vanzet


Yearly Interns



Metasenta Publications


Managing Director/Executive Editor: Dr Irene Barberis


Designer: Luis Castenada (Middle East)


Editior: Dr Janet Mckenzie (Scotland)


Metasenta Manager, Hong Kong and Printing Coordinator: Ms Louise Lee


Book Design: L. Castañeda, Telling Design



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