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Dr. Keith/Keef Winter 2007 - 2010

Sarah Duyshart 2018

Keith practises as an artist, a musician and an architect based in Belfast. He gained an MA in Edinburgh College of Art in 2006. He has co-founded an art, architecture and science collaboration called Cuboid ( and edits a quarterly Zine called ‘Bloid’ as part of each installation. He has contributed to the publication Metronome Press as part of Documenta 12 magazines edition ( and begun an online experimental architectural studio called micro-ARCHITECTS ( His current interests lie in the duality that exists in our built environments, public and private spaces, mega and micro-structures, high and low densities and in particular the social structures created by these phenomena.


Keith drums, shouts and sings in 2 Belfast based bands Tracer AMC and Not Squares. Tracer AMC has toured the UK and Japan extensively, released 2 critically acclaimed albums and recieved worldwide airplay. Not Squares has been played on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Ulster and are releasing a limited no. of Cassette tapes in Autumn 2008 amidst a flurrie of UK and Irish shows.



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