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Contemporary Australian Drawing is both an exhibition and a two volume publication

The exhibiton Contemporary Australian Drawing 1 curated by Irene Barberis, was opened at RMIT Gallery 8 April 2010 as part of the launch of the International Drawing Out Conference. The exhibition features the artists that are included in the forthcoming publication.


Contemporary Australian Drawing Volume One is written by Janet McKenzie, edited by Dr. Irene Barbeis and Jenny Zimmer.

Jointly published by Metasenta Publishing and Macmillan Publishing.

To be released late 2010/early2011


See more at the Global Centre for Drawing Website

CAD 1 RMIT Gallery  Melbourne 2010


CAD 2 Wimbledon University of the Arts London ( 84 Artists)


CAD 3 Langford120 Melbourne Australia


Cad#4 New York Studio School, New York, USA


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