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RMIT University 2010



Dr. Irene Barberis, Melbourne

Prof. Steven Fathing, University of Arts London



In 2006 Dr Irene Barberis founded The DrawingSpace, Melbourne an experimental gallery which activated dormant spaces within RMIT University. The large light stairwell behind the Gossard building became the hub for a multitude of international exhibitions worked directly onto the wall. The teams of students and emerging artists who constructed the works referenced the open ended drawing processes of Sol Lewitt and his teams' [of which Irene was one of in the mid 70's].


This initiative also reflected The Drawing Room London, which is dedicated to exhibiting and advancing contemporary art and drawing internationally. Metasenta® the international research satellite with links and networks of artists, universities galleries and arts organizations across the globe, was the main funding contributor to the DrawingSpace, Melbourne and is the link to theThe Global Centre for Drawing @ Langford 120. Originally the Global Centre for Drawing was shaped by both Dr Irene Barberis and Professor Stephen Farthing of the University of the Arts London in an affiliation with Metasenta® and RMIT University over a period of five years.


The Global Centre for Drawing (GCfD) will continue to exhibit internationally artworks and performances based in expanded drawing, including international conferences, symposia, seminars, classes, interviews and discussions on drawing in all its forms.

Metasenta’s® publication, ‘Contemporary Australian Drawing 1‘ published by internationally renowned Palgrave Macmillan and authored by Dr Janet McKenzie, with contributing essay by Dr Christopher Heathcote and Coda by Dr Irene Barberis, surveys artworks of 78 Australian artists, and was launched at Gallery Langford 120 in late 2012.

It is available at Langford120 Gallery and will soon be available on the Langford 120 website.

Image from Krieder and O'Leary exhibition


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